Sarah Lane is a Canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist, and Schwinn Indoor Cycling Certified Instructor. Sarah’s love for spin started in 2002 when she started attending spin classes at World Gym in Taichung, shortly after arriving in Taiwan to teach English, and shortly after completing her first marathon, in Victoria, in October 2001. She was hoping to maintain her health and fitness and found that she was able to push her cardiovascular capacity to even greater heights.  Sarah loves the safe nature of the spin studio (no cars!)  to train your cardio system while getting lost in the beat of the music and momentum of the class. She hopes to unify individuals who like to work hard and get a good sweat on!

Born in Port Alberni, and raised in Victoria, Sarah knows Vancouver Island well. She is a creative, warm individual with high energy levels, strong organizational flare – and a meticulous eye for detail. In her down time, she enjoys running, biking, creating, reading and growing food with her husband, three kids and dog in their garden in the Old City Quarter.  She values supporting and being involved in Nanaimo’s artistic community through service on the Board of Directors for the Nanaimo Art Gallery.

As a Certified Meeting Professional and managing director of SEL Conference Services, established in 2008, to quarterback conferences and events across Canada, Sarah has learned a lot about peoples' preferences and more importantly – what makes them move.  She looks forward to applying what she has learned through planning - in the studio - and creating some kick-ass classes and events we hope will inspire and move your soul. Do what you love.  Love what you do.  Get to it!




Born in Ladysmith, and raised on Vancouver Island, has allowed Pam to develop a true love for the outdoors, with the island providing endless opportunities for her to enjoy some of her favourite hobbies including: nature hikes, beach combing, cross-country skiing and snowboarding.

Pam’s fitness journey began at a young age with numerous sporting activities including track and field, volleyball and softball. The early 90’s brought us aerobics which Pam became naturally interested in. She became a BCRPA certified instructor and began teaching aerobics in Nanaimo before she moved to Whistler for 8 years of fun on the hill. The island drew her back after her mountain adventures, when she fell back in to teaching. 

Upon returning to Nanaimo, she was introduced to yoga which she began practicing, and achieved her 200hr Certified Teacher designation in 2015. As she also enjoyed cardiovascular activities, she started indoor cycling which quickly became a new passion, and great new way to build her cardio endurance. Pam hit the jackpot when Zen Revolution opened bringing two of her favourite things together under one roof. After 50 spin classes at Zen Revolution, Pam also decided to obtain her Schwinn Cycling certification and hopes to bring the energy and joy she gets from spin to her classes. You may even see her teaching a yoga class or two!  




Mary Cabell has been studying, learning, practising and sharing Tai Chi for over fifteen years. She has trained here in Nanaimo, in the US, China and Thailand. 

She understands that to teach, is to continue to learn and appreciates how much she gains from her students. To see people experiencing the enjoyment and benefit of Tai Chi practice is extremely gratifying for Mary.




Terry was introduced to spinning 5 years ago, as a result of a conversation she had with her surgeon after her fifth visit ‘under the knife’ to deal with her knee, when he stated “I hope you like to bike, because that’s about all you can do now.” Who knew what impact these words would have on her life!

She grew to love the intense workout and feeling of accomplishment she got after each ride she completed on the spin bike. Taking it to the next level, she completed her spin instructor training with the BPM Cycling studio in Victoria and is keen to use the knowledge acquired to help people of all skill levels to attain their fitness goals, and to enjoy some kickin’ tunes in the process. 

She is a full-time teacher and a mom of two. Their family enjoys riding many of Nanaimo’s biking trails, as well as being involved with Nanaimo BMX in the spring and summer months. Apparently, they have a passion for and family commitment to cycling.  She looks forward to sharing this passion with you and seeing you ‘in the saddle’ soon!




Athleticism is not something Kim has always embraced. In school, she hated gym class with a passion. She and her friends would constantly cheat on school runs, she’d “forget” her PE strip at home (she's sure her teachers saw through her mysterious illnesses that always coincided with gym). She even joined a soccer team in grade five, only to quit on the same day because there was too much running involved!

Kim counts herself lucky for the friendships and mentorships that have taught her that there's no one way to enjoy moving. You don’t have to go to the gym, you don’t have to join organized sports, and you certainly don’t have to run if you don’t want to! Regular physical activity has become an indispensable tool not only for her physical and mental health but also for self-discovery.

Now, after a short but successful career as a doula, Kim is honoured to share her passion for and knowledge of movement with others at Zen Revolution, offering spin classes as a certified Spinning® instructor and strength classes as a BCRPA-certified personal trainer.




Fitness and yoga have always been an integral part of Jane’s life. Starting from a young age in New York, the pursuit of knowledge brought her to yoga and yogic teachings.Wherever she lived and travelled in the world, yoga remained a consistent and grounding practice.

After years of a professional life in dental technology, the long hours of work and postural habits began to affect her back. Pilates was suggested and years of regular practice not only led to the release of back pain but to the commitment of teaching a Pilates practice to others.

Now, after more than fifteen years of teaching Pilates and Yoga (and dental technology!)  to individuals in a class setting in the lower mainland, Jane has settled in Nanaimo. Guiding people to find their potential for fitness, inner peace and a healthy spine while having fun are her goals. All classes are accessible to all abilities. 




Anyone who knows Cindy will tell you she is full of energy, motivation, and loves to be active.  Growing up, Cindy had always enjoyed different types of fitness yet always struggled with her weight. Once she made the decision to give up all the fad diets and just live a balanced lifestyle of healthy eating and regular exercise - she dropped 38 lbs within a year.  She and her husband have two awesome kids who are now young adults, and it was always a priority for Cindy to raise kids who would share a passion for living an active lifestyle.

There were a few goals she wanted to achieve before her 40th birthday, one was to run a full marathon and the second was to complete her Fitness Instructor Certification.  As the motivated person she is, she achieved both of these goals. As she continues to discover her love for fitness in running, cycling and of course teaching fitness (spin being her absolute favorite) she is known for persuading her friends in joining her to train for some crazy event that may consist of road biking or running!  Cindy’s goal now is to stay as healthy and active as she can, therefore to be the best example she can be for her family, friends and YOU!  She looks forward to each day she can inspire and be inspired by others as they work together in achieving and maintaining a healthy active lifestyle and most importantly have fun while doing it!   





After over a decade of practice Devon is still passionate about Asana and the yogic teachings. He believes with practice, we can all embody strength, balance and flexibility in equal proportions. 

He also believes through the discipline of a yogic practice, we can achieve freedom in all aspects of life.




Bryn French is a Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor. She received her training through West Coast Pilates in Victoria, BC in 2017 and has been teaching both private and small group classes for 2 years.

Her passion for pilates is evident in her practice of Pilate for over 15 years before becoming an instructor. She knows very from her own personal experience the functional movement, strength and flexibility that Pilates can bring to every body. 




Barbara seeks out experiences that align with the Japanese concept of “ikigai” which roughly translates to “that which gets you out of bed in the morning”. This requires cultivating mindful awareness and aligning oneself to their passions and purpose in order to achieve inner peace and fulfillment while being of service to the highest version of self and others.

It’s this drive and passion that led her to seek out knowledge in the fields of Holistic Nutrition, yoga and Ayurveda. By drawing upon her own training and experience, she holds space to meet people where they’re at offering guidance and support so that they can discover individual ways to empower themselves and find more joy, peace, and balance from within.

In her yoga classes, Barbara delights in weaving the physical practice of yoga asana, breathwork of Pranayama, mindful meditation and the philosophical teachings of the 8 limbs of yoga. This provides a rich and introspective quality that promotes mind/body awareness and cultivates a resiliency and flexibility that lingers off the mat.  Namaste!